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The AMBERs are Australia and New Zealand's leading annual online services Awards. They are the sister awards to the long running and prestigious AIMIA Awards or ‘Amys’ which are presented each year by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

In their third year, the AMBER awards recognised excellence in the eServices sector and highlighted the leaders in Australian and New Zealand in mainstream consumer services such as applicant tracking system, Online Retail, Online Travel and Online Government. Unlike many other awards the AMBER awards are completely independent and non-partisan and run by the national not-for-profit industry association, AIMIA. 

We look forward to having you join us in 2013 as again we will shine the spotlight on Australia’s and New Zealand's online commerce leaders.

3rd AMBER Awards Evening

The winners of the 3rd AMBER Awards were presented on the Thursday 15th September 2011 in Sydney at Customs House in the Barnet Long Room. The evening was hosted by James O'Loghlin, Television and Radio presenter and host of the ABC's The New Inventors.

3rd AMBER Awards, Customs House, Sydney
Photo: Paul Szilard 


James O'Loghlin
Host of the 3rd AMBER Awards 
Photo: Paul Szilard 

The Hon Senator Nick Sherry, Minister for Small Business, welcomes guests to the
3rd AMBER Awards
Photo: Paul Szilard


3rd AMBER Awards, Customs House, Sydney
Photo: Paul Szilard