Amber Awards

Award categories

The current AMBER award categories are:

  1. Online Auctions
  2. Online Banking
  3. Online Government
  4. Online Insurance
  5. Online Retail (Fashion)
  6. Online Retail (General)
  7. Online Retail (Group Buying)
  8. Online Retail (Media & Entertainment)
  9. Online Retail (Technology) 
  10. Online Trading 
  11. Online Travel (Accommodation)
  12. Online Travel (Flights)
  13. Mobile Banking
  14. Mobile Commerce
  15. Online Services Innovation


Best Online Auction Service
Timed and non-timed auction services and local classifieds.

Best Online Banking Service
Transactional banking services that facilitate account management and payments for retail banking customers.

Best Online Government Service
eGovernment services offered to consumers nationally by federal government agencies

Best Online Insurance Service
Online insurance offerings for retail customers, including general insurance (home, motor etc) and health insurance.

Best Online Retail Service – Fashion, General, Group Buying, Media & Entertainment, Technology
Online commerce offerings from retail businesses selling directly to consumers. This year the retail categories have been expanded to include the subcategories of fashion (apparel), group buying (deal of the day, shopping clubs), general (department stores, furniture, food and groceries), media & entertainment (Books, music, DVDs, movies/ticketing, personals, gaming) and technology (Computers, HiFi, consumer electronics).

Best Online Trading Service
Online share trading services for retail customers choosing to invest directly

Best Online Travel Service - Flights
Online travel services that facilitate travel bookings for retail customers. Includes air and other forms of travel 

Best Online Travel Service – Accommodation
Online travel services that facilitate travel bookings for retail customers. Includes accommodation search and booking services

Best Mobile Banking Service
Transaction based banking applications made available to customers using a mobile device

Best Mobile Commerce Service
Transactional-based services made available to customers using a mobile device. Includes mobile payments and ticketing offerings.

Best Online Services innovation
An award designed to recognise fast moving online services that may not yet have been adopted in the mainstream.