Amber Awards


How are the Ambers Awarded?

The AMBER Awards are awarded via a process which is comprehensive, indepdendent and authoritative. Designed for one purpose to determine the absolute best in online services in Australia and New Zealand. 

The AMBER Awards are: 

  • Complete - they rank all mainstream online service providers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Authoritative - A statistically robust national survey of over 2,500 respondents as well as hundreds of hours of lab testing is used to determine the finalists and winners.  
  • Comprehensive - they cover all major online transaction based services in over ten categories such as Online Banking, Online Retail, Online Travel and Online Government Services. 
  • Independent - they are run by AIMIA Australia and New Zealands's peak digital industry body. 
  • Detailed - they examine each service in detail including hands on "under-the-hood" lab testing with real customers and real accounts
  • Customer centric - they are representiative of the views and behaviours of Australian customers. 

Click here to download:
Amber_Award_Process_June_2011.pdf (910 KB)